A beach holiday in Long Hai

Last weekend, we went to Long Hai beach for a holiday. Joining a group of 7 families, there were 12 adults and 11 kids. It was really a fun trip. Lots of fun, lots of food and lots of kids as one of my friend said. Nah behaved herself very well. She loves to eat by herself, interacts with other kids and poses for lot of photos!

There was BBQ seafood for the 1st dinner. She even ate 3 big freshwater prawns, a small bowl hotpot and a side order of flan cake. Gosh, she could not eat such a big amount at home, but it seems she surprised everybody with her appetite.

Those other kids were also very good. They played together, shared cheese and cakes. I would say it was a good thing to take them all out of the city and stay at the beach. Even though it was only a 2 day trip.

One of the thing we missed was that Daddy could not be with us on this trip. We wish he was there to play with Nah. It would have been even more fun.

Think about another trip together by end of this year.

4 thoughts on “A beach holiday in Long Hai

  1. Tụi chị đi Long Hải beach resort đó nhỏ ơi. Em thử đi đi, cũng gần SG mà, 2 tiếng lái xe là tới, nếu không kẹt xe, hehe.

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